Earth Moving Services in Wyoming County, NY

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If you’re vetting excavating companies in Wyoming County, NY for experience, professionalism and expertise, none come close to Phair Excavation, Inc. For decades we’ve been providing earth moving services that span the gamut of needs, ensuring you’re able to proceed with your project properly, no matter what its scope or depth.

Our land moving capabilities are inclusive of your needs, applicable for agricultural, commercial and even residential projects. Our core offerings include:



Whether you’re digging out a basement for a new home development or your excavation needs are grander in scope, trust our ability to provide this service to the degree you require.


Land Grading

Our grading services extend to all projects and we can grade to the precise degree you require. We specialize in grading for driveways and small roads, however we’re a trusted grading contractor in Wyoming County, NY for virtually any project.


Backhoe Services

From trenching projects to digging culverts and beyond, our precision with a backhoe is unmatched, enabling us to provide a degree of backhoes services unparalleled by other excavating companies in Wyoming County, NY.


Drainage Work

We specialize in drainage work for agricultural land and are your premier resource for digging drainage ditches, culverts and trenching for drain tile.
Clean, build and repair ponds: Need help maintaining your water feature? We work with agricultural, commercial, residential and recreational ponds to ensure they’re maintained to the fullest, and can even help you excavate and construct these features.

basement digging

Basement Digging

One of our core excavation services, we’re adept at working with developers and contractors to dig basements and implement proper grading for residential developments.

For more information about any of the excavation or land grading services we offer, or to get a quote on your next project, please contact us today by calling 716-870-3971.